Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shopping Trip

Today we took our first shopping trip to buy supplies for the reno.  It seems real now!

We bought paint stipper and flooring and a garbage disposal.  Later this week we are going molding shopping.  I grabbed a few paint cards while I was there but no luck yet!  I did see some nice glass tile - a special buy - which makes the idea of glass tile backspash within the realm of possibility.  I need to figure out the square footage calculations so I can be ready when a deal comes my way. 

Most exiciting of all was buying the concrete, colorant, mest and rebar plus the melamine for the forms!  We came in under budget on the countertop supplies.

I started a spreadsheet so we can keep track of expenses and catagorized it so we can see how much each of the projects cost us.  Usually we just kind of wing it and estimate but the bookkeeper in me just freaks out with Troy's rough estimates!

It is so handy using something like Cozi Family Organizer or Evernote (my #1 pick) to keep lists, measurements and even pictures that will sync from your computer to your phone.  We can have a planning session in my office or our living room and then take it to the store!

5 days to demo!

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