Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm losing it!!!

I got a disturbing email today.  Troy decided to take a few days off to get the renovations on the fast track - he's gotta meet the two month deadline or eat crow!  But as a result I am losing my countertop and sink sooner than anticipated! 

And now I have to make decisions about things I am not prepared to make decisions about yet!  Like under cabinet lighting, switch and outlet placing.  Why can't I just pick fabric and paint colors?????

Speaking of paint colors - I found it!  The perfect color for the kitchen...

Kitchen color - Glidden Misty Aqua
Misty Aqua

It is a Glidden paint but from Walmart not the Glidden Duo I would prefer so now I get to see if the nice paint people at Home Depot can mix some for me. 

I am still tired.  I caught a cold working outside on Saturday and having to run all my weekend errands and doing my weekend chores during the week is exhausting. 

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