Sunday, February 19, 2012

Incredible changes already!

After a hot shower, a dinner of Grilled chicken basted in Maple Barbecue Relish (thank you Diana), brown rice (thank you Uncle Ben) and green beans, an hour with the heating pad, and a good night's sleep, day 2 commenced.

Troy started stripping the cabinet frames while I did some grocery shopping.  Considering that they were predicting snow, Wally World wasn't as busy as I feared they would be and I was out in about an hour. 

I bought some frozen entrees' - lasagna, ziti bake and the like, plus some Chinet disposable bakeware (I'll post a review when I use them).  I spent more than usual - eating processed food is expensive and I much prefer my own cooking.  Let's see how creative I can be.

The electrician came by for a look see.  He is scheduled for next weekend. 

By four pm our work was done and we accomplished our goals for the weekend.  Check out the cabinets now!  

see what is missing - the contact paper
My new dishwasher's future home.
even the wallpaper came of the bottom shelves
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The wood inside looks so nice, we are going to give the insides a ligh coat of poly, install bead board along the back, line the shelves with shelf liner and only paint the fronts.  

Tonight we are going out to dinner.  Back to our paying jobs tomorrow.  

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