Friday, February 10, 2012

Coloring outside the lines

I love color - absolutely love it.  I am partial to golds, greens, blues and browns and terracotta's.  I am very picky about my color choices though.

My gold must have enough brown in it to not look too yellow.  My greens must be olive or sage - with gray or brown undertones - not yellow.  Terracotta - too pale it looks peach and too dark it looks muddy.  I don't like white.  Blues are easier but right now I am struggling to find the right aqua/turquoise for the kitchen walls.

Trevor's bedroom request was roman movie theater.  He saw a room in Haynes that he liked (it was a media room design).  Getting a 12 yo to like anything is a challenge.  Everyone though I was crazy when I said dark brown walls and a black ceiling but when it was all done everyone thought it came out great! 

My office is my "space".  I wanted to be surrounded by my favorite things and also to be inspired.  It is much more colorful than the public spaces

I fell in love with the tropical punch color

The picture was a gift from my daughter one Christmas and it inspired the blues
Looks kind of like a sunset!

I carried the color scheme to the other side of the room on this buffet
stenciling the door panels was the finish touch

This what one of my living room walls looks like right now.

That is not mold but my attempt to find the perfect color scheme for the entry/living and dining rooms.  I ended up spending $20 in those little paint samples but considering what paint costs, I think they are a bargain!  The wall texture and room lighting can change the color that was "perfect" in the store!

Lucky for me I don't have to pick a color until near the end of the project.  The hunt for the perfect aqua/turquoise continues.


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