Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Perfect Red for a Shed

Two weeks ago was my birthday so we took the weekend off to go to Outer Banks of North Carolina to celebrate and experience some of Outer Banks Bike Week.

Sadly the weather did not cooperate and there wasn't much of a bike week experience but we had an enjoyable time getting away from the long list of things to do around here.

Last weekend, we got the shed primed and this weekend we got it painted.  I think it is the perfect color!

I suppose I could just pretend that all those branches are not in the picture, but I think you need an explanation.  No, we didn't have a storm.  Troy had some limbs taken down - one which hung right over the roof and made him very nervous every time we did have a storm.  And then some dead branches were also taken down.

So part of the weekend was also devoted to clean up.  We gave most of the wood to a neighbor who has a wood burning stove.  We kept some for our "fire pit". There will be some trips to the dump as well with the smaller branches.

Izzy enjoyed playing hide and seek in the branches.  Where Izzy?

With painting done, flashing is up and there are just a few details left - building the doors, adding some screening and some trim work.

And we've got some action in the garden.  I'll share that later this week.