Thursday, August 30, 2012

Now that I am rested - sort of - here is a run down of the final push on the porch
Outdoor ceiling fan for lighting and air movement

While Troy installed the fan, I started the makeover of the dresser we pulled from the neighbor's trash - a few swings of a hammer and now it has a large lower shelf instead of drawers.

A bit of the ceiling paint and some new handles and she is ready!

Can't believe I painted and then sanded some of it off but that gave me the warn look I wanted.  Total cost of makeover $30

Remember these - the original railings?  Well some spray paint greatly improved them

And now they have a new home - a reminder of what once was and a celebration of what is now.
I figure one more day's work and then I'll give you the grand tour!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost but no cigar

All done except the door details to follow later this week after I get some rest!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The End Is In Sight

Last weekend we pretty much got rained out but there was enough dry time for me to paint the porch ceiling.  I always wanted a blue ceiling and now I have one.  Not without some blood, sweat and tears - literally - bloody knuckles, it was hot as Hades and I got more than one splatter of paint in my eyes.

can you tell it is what we affectionately call a fopcorn ceiling - this is a G-rated blog after all.

On Friday evening it got a second coat.  Looks pretty good from this angle.
On Thursday on my way to work, I spotted a dresser out by the curb in the neighborhood.  I've been looking for a storage piece for the porch but wanted it CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!  So I called Troy and asked if he would take a look if it was still there when he came home for lunch.  Well it was and now she is mine!!!  No cost is a great price!  A little bit of paint and some new handles and viola!

I saw this makeover online and thought I'd do something similar with my new treasure.

This morning a quick coat of Bronze spray paint revitalized the little side table that got ruined in the last project.  The same color will probably be used for the door hinges

First screen went up at 11:34 am

Last screen went up at 1:40 pm 

The swing is back in his home. 

The grill has a new home.

And after some initial trepedation, Izzy is starting to feel at home in the new space too. - catnip helps. 
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Major Progress

Well after a week off because of rain, we are back at work.  First I have some great news to share. 

Meet the newest addition to the family - My own drill. 

These shelves wer a total pain in the butt, oh but so worth it.  They go arount the whole porch at 3 feet high - perfect for resting a drink or a sunning spot for Izzy

We added these supports in the botton to keep the animals from going through the screens and they add a nice decorative touch I think.

ready for screening!  I think the neighbors are going to be jealous!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Crafty

Just thought I'd share my latest project - and inside project.  I went to a yard sale and picked up a few trash to treasures.  So I started with this

A little paint and I have this

and a bit more paint and a piece of scrapbook paper and I have a matching tray

Troy doesn't know it yet but he has aother project.  I bought a storage cabinet for Trev's bathroom.  I have been looking forever and I found something.  I tried to put it together this afternoon but it was a no go.  These will go in there.

Framing is done!!  Our neigbobr thought we were building an addition.  The shelf is next. Oh and we decided to tile the floor.  That will really make it feel like a room.  And may as well hook up some cable too!

So after this project - meet Larry, Mo and Curly

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Construction begins

After shopping on Saturday, we began construction in earnest on Sunday.  We ran into a problem with the design of the post.  But sometimes a mistake turns in to a better design.  The new colums have a decidely craftsman look which I love.  We got all the posts done - I am mastering a drill - I may even buy my own!  Putting up the posts was not without mishaps.  Getting hit in the head with a pipe wrench was not in the origional plan.  I somehow managed to break off a manonry drill bit and almost broke off my arm as well. 

But despite it all - we made progress. Take a peak.