Sunday, February 26, 2012

Counter tops

The counter tops have been placed

Meet my new best friend!!  Rented from your friendly neighborhood Home Depot!
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The initial pour does look a bit rough

This IS a messy job

But the finished project is worth it

In a few hours, we will be able to cover it and it will cure for a week.  Next weekend will be sanding and sealing/polishing the counters and I may be able to start priming the cabinet doors.  What I REALLY want to do next weekend is go to a SPA!!!

My hands our toast.  Troy's back is shot.  But we are still on track and the budget looks good as well.  We are DONE for the day!


  1. what color did you use to tint/color your cement? thanks!

    1. we used Quikrete Liquid Cement Color in Brown