Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moving Along

Things are moving quickly

The cabinets got their first coat of cream paint.  A second coat tomorrow and we will be ready for hinges and hardware!

My new refrigerator and food storage area.  See the narrow area on the left side - that will be my spice cabinet.  How it that for nifty?  And the counter area will be a great place to store the dog and cat treats

There was some drama this week.  They did not have enough of the tile I originally picked for the backsplash at our regular Home Depot so I had to make a choice.  Do we make a trip to a different store or choose something else.  The something else would mean a change in the color palette.  Troy was so patient me as I waffled, bought sheets to try at the house and MORE paint samples.  So now instead of ice rink blue with brown/tan/beige tile we will have -----

Green, brown and beige glass tile backsplash

And the new wall color is called "Sliced Cucumber" - how perfect for a kitchen!  All in all, I think it will be a more "high end" look and match the rest of the house better.  Sometimes having to change the picture leads to a pettier picture. 

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