Sunday, March 18, 2012

Primed and Ready

Anther very busy weekend.  The mission - prime the cabinets cut the beadboard, and do some minor work like filling cracks, building a box for the vent, and putting a top on the cabinets.

Mission accomplished!!

My major task was the cabinets.  And they look fabulous!  The molding we added is just the right touch - still simple but adds a touch of class which those cabinets sorely needed.

Don't they look amzing!! I think so.  They lighten up the kitchen a lot.  And we even got the beadboard up!  Loving the terracotta color I picked out.  Behr Ceramic Glaze.  Now when I open the cabinets I won't see the outdated contact paper.  I did test the final cabinet color and I am very pleased - not too white and not too yellow - a prefect cream. 

A few minor chores during the week.  Some of the cabinet doors need a second coat of primer.  The ledger boards need to be painted terra cotta and maybe some more spackle.  But we are on track to paint the cabinets next weekend and prime the walls.

Only one piece of bad news this week.  We might have to buy a new sink but I'm hoping we can find one at the habitat store.  The frigde cabinet/pantry unit need to be designed yet as well. 

It is finally starting to look like a kitchen again!!  

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