Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I must confess that we took Sunday off - with the exception of a 2nd coat on the countertops.  We spent the day catching up on other chores and cleaning up a bit.  You can only stand so much mess - and looking like a mess too!

kitchen faucetWe did get some key things done on Saturday.  He took me to Home Depot!  (Usually I have to stay home because Home Depot is another woman's Victoria's Secret).  We bought the new faucet............

I think this one combines the best of both worlds - a higher profile for pot filling but the extra length of a flat design.

And we picked the cabinet hardware

handles              drawer pulls

Both by Martha Stewart Living at Home Depot - add some curves to all the straight lines is my thinking.

And I got the door stripped and we put a new handle on it.   

I found a pendant light I liked for over the sink and I got lost in the tile aisle - saw several possible options but I want to look at other stores. 

We will have to do some work during the week in order to stay on schedule.  Our plan is to make a list of what needs to be done before we can begin priming/painting cabinets.

Oh and I may get to go to Home Depot again - to pick out molding for the cabinets! 

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