Sunday, March 4, 2012

The queen of countertops

So I have been dubbed by my diy partner.

I can't believe he had the patience to wait until Thursday to unmold the countertops..

and here they are...

And the cat (meet Izzy aka Creepy Ass Cat) who NEVER got on the old countertops seems to like the new look as well

Sealing concrete countertops is a big mystery - there are a lot of DIY sights that say seal the concrete but never says with what!  The internet to the rescue.  If you are interested in concrete countertops you need to watch this three part video series

 Btw, that is what I read with breakfast instead of the morning paper! 

We decided to go with a urythane coating and we will put an acrylic on top to add shine.  Last night we did the sealing - AND we instantly got excited about the color!  I am so pleased - the color is rich and dark - just what I wanted and the finished product is organic, rustic and earthy. 

What do you think?

long view

dark chocolate - yum!

Looks like rich leather!!

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