Monday, April 2, 2012

PT - Paint and Tile

What a week and what a weekend.

We tried to get some little jobs done each night during the week. We hung the new light over the sink.

so much nicer than that florescnent bar and it adds more light.

All the cabinets - including my fridge cabinet have 2 coats of paint.  Now for the drawers and door fronts.  They all need a second coat.  The spice drawer is built but needs to be painted. 

The biggest progress ws the tile backsplash - ta da

undercabinet lights too!!

and we uncovered the countertop!  Do you know how hard it is to see that huge expanse of countertop and not be allowed to use it! 

We used some leftover tile from the bathroom project to tile the top of the cabinet next to the fridge cabinet. 

We are sooooo close to being done.  I may have a new kitchen for my birthday!

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