Sunday, March 11, 2012

The great unwashed

The dishes are piling up and progress seems real slow.  We were both pretty crabby this week.  The mess and difficulty in doing even routine things was getting to us both.  But we rallied, after a nice dinner out to celebrate our anniversary.  I can't tell you how much I appreciated eating off a real plate with real silverware and drinking out of a real glass! 

So we set a goal of being ready to prime cabinets on Sunday.  I will confess now that we didn't make it but we got a lot accomplished.

All the cabinets, the drawers and doors are sanded.  I got pretty competant with an orbital sander.  It got the better of me at first but I can handle it like a pro now. 

We built the shelf for the microwave

we saw this pipe idea on a home improvement show
And we got the molding on the cabinets

It makes a big difference I think!  I am happy with the choices and it was pretty cheap - the inside corners were hard because we broke our coping saw blade on another project and didn't have another one.  We were able to borrow an air brad nailer - oh I'm in LOVE with that tool!  Did you know that wood glue feels like Jello mousse?

But I saved the best for last - we decided to put the sink in - temporarily but we now have running water in the kitchen!! And I learned plumbing skills - compression fittings, elbows, p traps and t's

primer and PVC pipe glue - my new go to fragrance - that stuff stinks!

Troy's plumbers putty pretzel

Isn't she beautiful....

just waiting for the great unwashed

 height and distance - the perfect combination - a field goals kickers dream and mine!
Faucet by Moen

And yes the whole job passed the plumbing inspectors watchful eye....

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