Monday, March 31, 2014

Framing in the Rain

This weekend the goal was to finish the framing and get the roof on.  --- we got some of it done.  Rain prevented us from finishing as we only got a few hours of passable weather each day.  BTW, did you know that drizzle does not mean you don't show up for work???  My "boss" is a slave driver!  I should have known I was in trouble when he bought me a present.

Sapphire Blue Speed Square - the hottest thing on the construction site for the Spring 2014 Season 

So the rafters would sit flat on the top plates, you have to cut an angle.  Easier said than done!

Rafters are all up! You can see how gray the sky is.  At least it was warm.  It started raining pretty steady shortly after this and work came to a halt for the day.

Sunday Morning - still gray sky but we can't let that stop us.  See the extra wood blocking in the walls?  They add rigidity and will make nice "shelves" and/or nailing surfaces on the interior of the shed.  We also did that in the rafters.

Those little studs are called "cripple studs"  more support and nailing surface.

The blocking is offset slightly as the above detail shows.

So all the framing is done.  Weather prevented us from putting the stand board on the roof.  I've never done shingling before.  Just wish the roof wasn't 8 feet off the ground :)

The neighbors keep coming by to check on our progress.  

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