Monday, March 24, 2014

The Pour

The base was ready and it was time to pour.

The plan was to have the concrete truck back up on the neighbor's side of the fence (we had his permission) and simply have them dump the concrete.  That was the plan. The truck arrived at 7:45 am.  It was cold and damp.

First the ground was really soggy from repeated snowfalls and a cement truck is heavy.  So he had to stay on keep two wheels on the driveway.  This meant that the shoot didn't reach deep enough into the area to just pour it.  Into the wheelbarrow it went and then Troy dumped it into the area that needed it.  Our neighbor was helping us so he and I moved it around and poked it with the shovel to remove the air.

This is actually a plant and they mix the concrete right on sight to your specifications.  Who knew??

It doesn't quite reach!

 So we go with plan B

 We screened it a few times during the process.

The concrete truck operator was so nice and helpful.  He pitched in a few times.

This was my job.  It's called a Bull float.  This finishing step pushed the aggregate down and levels the concrete.  Troy took these.

We had a concrete pad by 11 am!!  It warmed up some later that day and we had time for a short ride on the bike.

Next come a concrete block foundation.

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