Friday, March 28, 2014

I've been framed!!

 Framing - in construction, the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape (wikipedia).

Sill plates and studs and rafters will be on today's menu.

We couldn't ask for a better day with temps in the low 70's with sunshine all day.  The wood arrived shortly after 10:30 am and framing began at 11 am!  Troy started without me as I ran a few errands but I was back in time to take up my post as assistant by 11:30 am!

The tools....

Framing nailer - a bit heavy and scary - I need more practice!

tape measure, auger and speed square - some old friends here!

Chop saw - my personal favorite and don't forget your pencil!

The first wall is up.  We built them on the ground and then raised them.  

Two walls up and two to go.  See the header for the door?  The metal strapping helps keep things square.

I'd say that is a good day's work!!!

We didn't get to the rafters.  That is on the schedule for next weekend - weather permitting.

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