Monday, April 7, 2014

Rah Rah Roofing day!

I am absolutely amazed at how much progress we made on the shed this weekend.

Finally the weather coopeated - sunshine and warm enough - Friday very warm - near 80.  Saturday was cooler - near perfect weather - 70.  Sunday a bit cooler but with no wind, the afternoon was quite pleasant.

During the day on Friday, Troy got the boards and tar paper on the roof done.  A trip to Home Depot when I got home from work for windows and shingles set the schedule for the weekend.

Early Saturday morning Troy went back to Home Depot to get the special tool we would need for this morning's work - a roofing nailer.

See the black round thing?  That holds the nails.  They come in a coil.

A wire holds them together.  All in all it is a pretty daunting machine but when I finally overcame my fear of it, I actually LOVE this tool.  In some ways it is like an air stapler.  Made quick work of the roof!

Never having done a roof before, I needed some instruction.  You have to stagger the shingles so the seams don't line up and the flaps overlap.  This sheds the water and keeps water from penetrating the roof.

staggered shingles

work in progress

By early afternoon we had a roof!  BTW, the shingles didn't go as far as the package said and an emergency trip to HD was necessary.

We also got the windows in.  They will add a bit of light and ventilation when I am working inside the workshop/shed.

a good days work!

I'm actually quite proud of myself as I'm not comfortable with ladders or heights but eventually I got comfortable on the roof.  I didn't to go near the edge even towards the end of the day.  All in all I think I was a useful assistant.  

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