Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dry wall begins

We began drywalling this weekend.  We didn't accomplish as much as we wanted. 

We got smart and rented a drywall lift from Home Depot.  For $36 for a day, it was well worth the money.  We only used it on the ceiling but you can also use it for walls. 

Another key tool is a decent keyhole saw.  My task was cutting the openings for outlets and other electrical boxes.  I learned to let the saw do the work!

Troy's gift to me - more useful than flowers!

And we could do without these - we both have one now!

We call them Charles and Di - aka the royal couple. 

Our progress was slowed by minor illness, other errands and a power outage on Saturday but we should be able to finish this weekend.  then we get to play in the mud and sand for a few weeks. 

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