Sunday, March 24, 2013

they are here!!

This weekend was another weekend of mudding and sanding.  2nd coat of mud - more sanding - more dust and then the skim coat.  Not real exciting but exhausting - especially for Troy as I don't sand. 

On the to do list for this week is dusting - no  matter how hard you try the dust goes everywhere! 

The good news is the messiest part of the job is done and we can begin priming next weekend.

The bestest news is that the closet doors came in!

They are amazing!!! Just what I wanted.  Hey there is 10 feet of closet doors that take up a whole wall.  No more ugly brown hollow core cheap-ass doors!
Now if I could only find a bathroom door that matches.
With painting beginning soon - here are the color choices
Benjamin Moore Nimbus Gray for the bedroom ceiling and the bathroom
Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue for the Bedroom walls
White trim of course! 

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