Monday, March 18, 2013

Playing in the mud

After a grueling weekend of hanging drywall, this weekend's task seemed like a piece of cake (or mud pie!).  Taping and mudding was on the list this weekend.

First a little side trip.  Four years ago we did the bathroom.  It was our first project together and when our relationship first stated.  I had a better feel of how the bathroom was going to go than I did about our relationship at that stage of the game.  Well there was one piece of drywall that didn't sit so well with Troy.  It has been bugging him for years now soooo

now it is repaired.  Since we were drywalling anyway - why not fix it?  What this means of course is that the bathroom has to be repainted. (Diana - remember the evening phone calls to the decorator who was painting the bathroom while the guys were in Vermont?)  While I'm at it, why not a new shower curtain and new window treatments.  I think he was counting that to bring me on board!! - sneaky guy!

I was out at Calico Corner doing research for an assignment and drooling over the new Nate Berkus fabric line when I spotted this on the remnant pile

Instant love affair!  It has all the colors I want in the room but a mid-century modern feel to it.  There was only one yard but it would be enough for this

Back on the main road.  The first round of taping and mudding is done!


I usually do all the screw holes while Troy does the corners and seams.  I tried a little seam work in the closet - where no one will ever see it! 

We celebrated with dinner at Panera.  Starting tomorrow I'll be eating drywall dust with my dinner as we - I should say Troy - begins sanding. 

The closet doors should be in next week and it won't be long before I can start painting! 

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