Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dry Wall DONE!!!

We finished the drywall today!! Two days of back-breaking work.  Troy insists on fire-rated drywall on interior walls and that stuff is HEAVY!!

I usually share pictures when everything is all cleaned up and nice and neat.  Today you will see what drywall is REALLY like.  No holds barred.

This is what the process looks like.  There is drywall dust everywhere.  And scrap pieces and tools.  Yes that is a circular saw there.  If you remember how freaked out I was about cutting cement board inside while we did the kitchen, you probably wondered why that is in the house again.  I caved.  Some of the cuts were done with a circular saw.  Even worse than caving, it was my idea! 

One of the most challenging parts of the job was the front wall.  It has two doorways, two sconce boxes, three switches - one a bank of three, an outlet box and several more boxes for cable and sound.  Each of these boxes had to be measured and cut by hand. 

Measure twice,cut once is the #1 rule!!!
Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention.  We could not find the compass - it's in the garage - need I say more?  So to mark our circles we took the tape measure to the kitchen.

An oatmeal container is the same size as the sconce boxes!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to an old friend this weekend.  The old red level was so marred, you could not see the bubbles.  So we retired our old friend and hired a new kid.

So next comes taping, mudding and sanding - time consuming and messy work.  But then the fun stuff begins!!

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