Sunday, February 24, 2013

Italian Cooking Lesson

I got an Italian cooking lesson this week. 


The electrician was here during the week. The upper picture is the bank of switches for the fan/sconces/tray ceiling lights - the latter two with dimmers.  Fancy, Smancy!
On Saturday, we ran the speaker wire, the phone and internet wires.  I really think someone at the wire factory tries to mess with your head.  Why won't this stuff simply unroll?? 

Sunday we insulated.  It was kind of chilly with bare walls.  Notice the TV.  Yup we got the cable working so we could watch the race while we worked.  How many people do you know that have a construction TV? 
We are ready for drywall!!  Things are moving along rather quickly I think.
Oh and I got a new ride - well new to me - just in time for some serious shopping for light fixtures, ceiling fan, drapes and all the finishing touches that are my part of the job. 

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