Monday, April 14, 2014

Everyone deserves a day off!

We decided that we would take the weekend off from construction.  We pretty much blew the budget with last weekends roofing and siding and windows.  This happens to us at least once during every project.

Besides - the house was a mess.  Construction doesn't leave time for the normal chores and we tracked a lot of extra dirt and mud inside as well.  We needed to spend a weekend the normal chores.

While I worked on Saturday morning, Troy got the yard mowed.  When I got home we tag-teamed the house.  A nice dinner and a night watching the race and we called it a day.

Sunday morning, I went grocery shopping.  Strange at is seems, this is a chore I've really learned to enjoy.  I found a great store that is not busy on Sunday mornings.  It is well stocked at that time as well.  I stuck to my list thanks -  in part to eating breakfast - bacon and eggs.  Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is a big no-no!!

With that chore done and the afternoon free, we decided to join the Sunday Fun Ride our local Harley Owners Group has each week.  We are new members of the Bayside HOG Chapter but at our first two meetings we met some very nice people.  The weather was perfect for a ride and the company and conversation was very enjoyable.  I look forward to more rides with the group on our new bike - purchased in January 2014.

One of the group members mentioned that they were growing a lot of their own food this year which reminded us that we are probably a little late with our garden.  We dropped off the bike and picked up the truck and off to HD we went - this time for some seeds and a few bags of top soil.  

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