Thursday, April 10, 2014

It looks like a shed!!!

Sunday - noise ordinance checked.  We can begin work at 7 am.  Well not me!  I'm still drinking my first cup of coffee at 7:30 am.  But Troy is eager to get to work.

Last evening, he went to Home Depot and bought the siding and the nails we needed for today's work.  We had decided on the wood siding with the wide planking on a previous scouting trip.  These scouting trips are highly recommended.  With these decisions made ahead of time, it is a quick in and out of the store.  And with phone camera's it is easy to store the right product number and pricing information.

Today's work was much like hanging drywall and is NOT my favorite.  Communication is the key and we were not always on the same page today.  But the siding is up and it looks like a shed!

We still have to make doors, add some flashing to the roofline, decide on some trim.

But it is already proving to be useful!

I have a few surprises up my sleeve yet - colors for the siding and trim still to be revealed and a special project or two.  Stay tuned!


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