Sunday, June 2, 2013

Date Night....and Beyond

Friday night was date night sooo

off to Home Depot we go.... to buy trim, baseboard and crown moulding!  Finish work, my friends, finish work.

I didn't want to use what we'd used in the rest of the house.  I saw this at a home show a few years ago and really liked it.

So we decided to try it ourselves.  I convinced Troy to buy poplar instead of pine.  We dedided to use a 22 1/2 degree angle. 

First piece up!

Side rails installed
Closets trimmed out - they look even better!

Windows trimmed

We also got the baseboard installed. 
And all the nail holes are filled and everything has been sanded and ready for primer and paint. Does this mean I don't have to cook since I'll be painting?
We got this all done in one day!  On Sunday we decided to tackle the crown moulding.  We are setting it down from the ceiling a few inches so we can run a line of rope lights to light the ceiling.  
First step was to make a bracket that we can mount the moulding too and provide a ledge for the rope lights.  We ended  up riping two by fours into triangles and mounted them to the walls.  The corners were a bit challenging but we finally got them done.

next we tackle the crown - after watching 20 YouTube videos and burning up a piece of crown with test cuts.
Looks like another date night at Home Depot next Friday Night.


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