Monday, May 27, 2013

Garden of Earthly Delights

We hope

This weekend we - well let's be honest - Troy built a raised garden and planted some vegetables.

He made a simple box using 2x8's stacked two high. Next came some dirt and composted grass clippings all mixed together. On top - a layer of miracle grow potting soil.
Time to plant...
Peas and Yellow Beans (I see three bean salad on the menu!)

Green Beans - my favorite!!! and Carrots

Radishes for the boys and Catnip for Izzy

Cucumbers and we left a space for a Tomato plant for me

This is our first attempt at growing veggies so we came up with a plan B.  The leftover seeds were thrown over the fence into the now mostly empty dirt pile.  Which will grow better - the carefully structured garden or the random seeds?  We will let you know!

So now we have a vegetable garden!  Thanks Diana for the 12 Chord!  As you can see we used it just like you used to!

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