Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Reveal!

We are all moved in! 
I've done a little syling - BTW, I already bought new lamps - these seemed too small. 
I used a bedskirt from my former bedding rather than the one that came with the set because I wanted to add some texture and pattern.  Lime is my accent color which I am pulling from the bedding.
I liked this pillow.  It has a masculine edge.
Still on the to do list
  • Window treatments -  I have a plan
  • Refinish the vanity and skirt it
  • Make pillow shams - we use kings and my bedding is a queen.  I plan on using the same fabric that I will use on the vanity
  • Some more artwork - need something tall and skinny beside the mirror on the triple dresser
  • Add a bit of whimsy and personality - I have a plan
  • More pillows - if I can sneak them in there
All in all  I am thrilled with the final results. 
What is next????
Well I am setting up a workspace in one half of the dining room. 

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