Monday, June 17, 2013

Construction is DONE!!!!

Construction is finally done!  Five months almost to the day.  We can't move in until next weekend becasue the 3rd coat of ply has to cure.   I am really pleased with the results.

Remember the before pics?  missing trim - ugly trim - worn floors - ugly fan - hospital green - no architectural details.

Now look at it!!!

I love the Van Courtland Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Aura Paint is the BEST!! And my crisp white trim makes me sooo happy.  The sconces are set so they will frame the mirror on the triple dresser that will sit on that wall.  They would also work if you had a full bed but our queen won't fit on that wall with two nightstands.
My closets are worth EVERY single penny!!!  And now we have solid wood six panel doors on both the entry door and the bathroom door.  New lever handles will make it easier when your hands are full - from shopping or laundry. 
I am so thrilled with the way the trim turned out and the light strings in the crown molding.  All the lights are on dimmers. 

I think the floors cam out great! 
So Troy, the contractor, has turned over the keys to me, the decorator.  Now he gets to be my assistant!!
Not bad for two DIYers! 

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  1. Amazing Mary! All your hard work paid off big time. I love the style of molding your chose and the blue is so much better than that hospital green.