Sunday, April 17, 2016

Road Trip...

We took a weekend off from the project to scout out Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, VA for some projects I had in mind.

The weather was great and we had a blast.  Roanoke is so pretty and I love the mountains.

Roanoke is a railroad town.

We stopped at the Taubman Museum to check out a Norman Rockwell exhibit - Troy has a school assignment to do so we worked in it to our schedule.

I remember this picture from my childhood - hanging in my doctors office

And this cool sculpture is made out of 700,000 coffee stirrers!  The artist built it in place and it took a week to build.  It filled a whole room!

And of course when I see a neat building we have to stop and take pictures.  This is St Andrews Catholic Church and it sits on a hill overlooking downtown Roanoke.

Then we went off to Black Dog Salvage in search of some wood, iron work and maybe a few other treasures.  We are fans of the show and it was neat to see things we recognized - like the clock faces from the high school in Newark, NJ.

We got to go to the warehouse where they store the wood and met Jeff.  I was in heaven!  Beams, trusses and wood galore.  Came home with some barnwood.

A little light sanding and my bed goes from plain jane to modern rustic.  

Well the fun is over - back to work.

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