Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pour me ... Part 2

It's concrete day!!! Okay maybe we are weird but we love concrete day around here.  The stuff is amazing.  Mix some cement, rocks and lime and you have a strong and strangely beautiful surface.

It took some luck but we were able to get a delivery with short notice.  The excitement was building all morning and then we got the call.  The truck was on it's way.

And guess who steps out?  - the same guy who brought the concrete for the slab for the shed.

The forms were ready, the wheelbarrows were ready.  I was ready with my tool poking tool to insure we got rid of the air and voids.  (I'm a pro at this concrete stuff - LOL)  We worked like a well oiled machine and in about 90 minutes we had footings!

We only had one mishap and it wasn't concrete - I stepped on a nail.  I was too lazy to change my shoes.  It didn't do much damage - luckily I tread lightly - but I'm glad I got a tetanus booster at my physical in February so no doctor visit required.

So now we can start building UP!  Block and brick are next on the agenda.  Oh and what are we going to do for stairs???  Next puzzle to solve.

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