Sunday, April 24, 2016

Block and Roll

Saturday was a great day!  It dawned clear - not too cold but not too hot and we could start building UP!  It is kind of like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Too metaphysical for you?  Then I guess you've never done home remodeling.

Last time we did block, I did the tooling - basically making the mortar joints look pretty.  This time, I was presented with my own trowel.  Quite a vote of confidence from my mentor/supervisor!

We started by laying out the lines on the footings.  The block had to be off-center as we are facing the outside with brick.  We started with the corners.

Making them straight, plum, and level in two directions can be a challenge.  Some blocks I placed 4 times.  You can't adjust, you have to start from scratch.  If you need practice in the art of patience, try block!

Once the corners were set a bit, we could begin filling in.

Not many pictures of this project.  My hands were covered in mortar.  The pro's handle a trowel like a surgeon handles a scalpel.  It is definitely an art - a fast dying one at that. For me, the most efficient way was using my hands. My hands and my nails paid a HEAVY price!  Hands are all dried out and my nails are toast.  (manicure on Sunday!)

The original idea was both of us laying block.  In the end, I slopped mortar and Troy laid the block.  I just couldn't get a hang of adjusting them without over-adjusting.

We had to work against the rain clock at the end of the day, but we got it done.

A full day's work and a job well done.  We were both hungry and tired.  Sunday, we'll take a day off and take the bike out to Yorktown for lunch.  I will post some pics later this week.

But before I leave you .....



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