Monday, May 13, 2013

Moving Forward Again

After what seemed like standing still, we are finally moving again.

Last week I was out of town at Tobi Fairley's Design Camp.  What a great opportunity!  I learned a great deal - mostly about myself.  I am re-energized and have a long list of projects as I explore new ideas and mediums.  A new dream is blooming in my heart.

The weekend before I left we got the floors sanded!  Our little sample piece made the guy at the flooring store stand up and take notice.  You can't get 100 year old red oak floors anymore. There is a reason I love wood!!

My timing was perfect - the floors were polyed while I was away.  I came home to warm, honey floors! - and no smell!!

This weekend Troy put me right to work!! We wanted to build some shelving in the closed in the dead space between the two closets.  After much discussion about who would get the most cubbies - I won!! - we set to work.  This was harder to engineer than we first anticipated and after a few missteps, we finished.  Now for some priming and painting.

I plan on putting some hooks on the flat pieces for hanging scarves, jewelry and those things that are hard to store.

I also graduated this weekend.  I can now use the chop saw without adult supervision!!!  I LOVE that thing!!  After a weekend in the classroom, it was nice to get a dose of power tools!

Soon it will be time to hang the closet doors.

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