Sunday, April 8, 2012

Final laps

We are in the final laps.  I can't believe what we have accomplished this week

Tile is all grouted.  Walls are all painted.

Friday we went to Home Depot and bought the sink, cabinet hardware, baseboard and base molding.  Saturday while I was at work, Troy prepped the floor and got a second coat on the cabinets.  When I got home, I painted the spice drawer. 

Today we installed the floor.  I got to lay the first piece and the last piece.  We had a brand new floor by lunchtime!

Then it was on to plumbing.  Our old sink was warped and we decided to buy a new sink.  I HATE stainless steel sinks.  So we had to decide between acrylic, composite granite and cast iron.  Acrylic was the cheapest but it felt cheap.  Composite granite and cast iron were comperable in price and quality but in the end we went with cast iron.  And she is a beauty...

Weighs a ton. Putting it in was fun.  We had to trim the opening slightly which really made me nervous but as usual Troy came through!  And I only had to run to HD once to get some missing plumbing parts!

And now we have a garbage disposal. 

And a built in dishwaher.....

So as I sit here, I am listening to the sweet sound of a running dishwasher.  It's music to my ears!!!!

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