Saturday, January 21, 2012

My How He's Grown

This is my cat, Izzy, as a kitten

and this is Izzy now

My how he has grown in just 6 short months

And so has the project list!

Remember the brief list

  • undermount the portable dishwasher
  • replacing the countertops with new laminate from a big box store
  • replace the kitchen floor
  • the cabinets would get a good cleaning and some new hardware
  • a fresh coat of paint on the walls

Now the new list
  • undermount the portable dishawasher and install a garbage disposal
  • pour in place concrete countertops
  • replace kitchen floor
  • strip cabinets, remove soffit, add molding, paint and new hardware 
  • tile backsplash
  • add beadboard behind stove
  • build microwave ledge
  • build pantry and over fridge cabinets
  • build large spice rack
  • replace lighting over the sink
  • build some shelving for additional storage
  • paint walls
  • put a pet door in the door to the garage
  • new range hood/fan?

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