Friday, January 20, 2012

Game Plan

So before I unveil the game plan, a little background. 

This is not our first reno.  One Tuesday evening, I went out for drinks with a couple of friendsr from work and I started talking to this nice guy.  We were talking about hobbies and he mentioned that he liked to target shoot - shooting a pistol was on my bucket list - and I mentioned that one of my hobbies was interior decorating.  Just so happened, he had just torn out his master bathroom and was kind of stuck.  So before the evening was over, in exchange for a target shooting lesson, I agreed to help him with his bathroom project.

Reno turned into romance, and now almost three years and 3 1/2 projects later- the garage us still a "work in progress - we are going to tackle our next project.  Oh, and his kitchen is also my kitchen. 

The original game plan was a mini-makeover which consisted of:
  • undermounting the portable dishwasher
  • replacing the countertops with new laminate from a big box store
  • replace the kitchen floor
  • the cabinets would get a good cleaning and some new hardware
  • a fresh coat of paint on the walls
Notice I said original. More on that later....

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