Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Picture in My Head

I may be crazy to divulge this little tidbit but I think I an getting pretty close to having the complete picture in my head for the kitchen. Yes, I said picture in my head. See that is how I design. Before I even demo a room (unlike Troy who demoed  whole bathroom without a clue what to do next), I have a picture in my head of the nearly finished product.  Usually one key item allows me to fine-tune the picture - for example, choosing between two color schemes.  The picture is detailed, textured and keeps me on track.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, the picture emerges in my brain over time.  I’ve never been able to successfully translate the picture to paper (except once) despite buying software to do it.

During the process, because of unforseen circumstances (like Troy buying the wrong color tile or budget contraints (do you have any clue what floor to ceiling curtains cost?), the picture sometimes has to change – but ever so slightly. Don’t mess with the picture! It might cause my wires to short-circuit.

In the case of the kitchen, the key item is the flooring which has now been chosen and I will share that in my next post

BTW, Troy doesn’t really get the picture thing – it’s because he is a man and as we all know men and women’s brains are different – we think this guy explains it well –enjoy!

PS Go Patriots!

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