Monday, September 1, 2014

It is Labor Day Weekend.  It wouldn't be a proper holiday weekend around here if we didn't have a project. Saturday evening, Troy suggested that we go to Home Depot and buy some "arts and crafts supplies".

We've been talking about building a bench around one of the trees in our back yard. That was the plan. Somehow between drawing a design for the bench, we got on the topic of a fire-pit. The budget only allowed for one project and the fire-pit won!

Off to Home Depot we went and we came home with 61 landscape edging blocks. We had to load them on the cart then load them into the truck.  We added a few bags of concrete (for a ramp to the shed) and chimney caps (which I will never see in their proper installation because you will NEVER catch me on the roof). Poor truck!

It was quite a load!  So instead of spending my morning at the gym, I did the Farmers Walk with brick! Functional Fitness!!

(A little beefcake for you today!)

Course one had to be level.  We picked this spot since no grass grows here anyway!

Less than an hour later we had 5 courses. Our design was based on reusing parts a grill/fire-pit that came with the house. It even had a cover! We'd used it in the past to as a fire-pit and figured it would make a great base. Waste not, want not.

We decided to remove one course of brick to get a better fit and five courses was just too high. The insert fit perfectly! Seriously, a fire-pit by 8 am.

Using more of our waste not, want not philosophy, I bought a couple cans of spray paint to give some old chairs new life.  I decided to use my favorite color - apple green.  You might remember this color from the shed trim!

Eventually we will replace these with Adirondack style chairs and sidetables made from the some tree stumps we have in the yard - more waste not, want not!

 Reminds me or our first motorcycle vacation to The Tail of the Dragon in the Great Smokey Mountains.

Back to the back yard!  Viola!  A new relaxing space in the back yard.  We are all ready for the cooler nights of Autumn to come.

A little work and a little ingenuity and we are ready for the first cool evening.  S'mores anyone?

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