Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When I last left you - oh so many moons ago (sorry) - we had a shed with walls, a roof and windows.  But not door, the rafters were still open and no trim.

We designed our own doors - they look kind of like barn doors don't they?

added some trim - even around the windows.  Sharp looking don't you think?

Critter control is was accomplished with some wire mesh.  Lets the air in but keep the pesky squirrels out!

And how is this for a charming feature?

Shutters - made with fence posts.  Oh and see my lovely chop saw - by far my favorite tool! - besides Troy that is - :)

We got real busy on Fourth of July!  No plain white trim for me!

Apple Green for me!!!

Now for a little landscaping - impatience in the window box and transplanted grasses hide the block.  Tip to homeowners - find out where your fiber optic lines runs BEFORE you start digging up plants.  We ended up with no TV or internet most of the 4th of July weekend because SOMEBODY hit the line.  (Not saying who but I would think someone who works in civil engineering would have thought of this!)

Now Izzy has another place to hide!

So there you have it!  The cutest shed in the whole wide world!!!  It is high and dry.  I have my own workbench.  Best of all the garage is emptier and the bike has a designated parking spot inside!

What is next - not sure.  We need to do some work out front but we are also considering continuing our work in the back yard.  Next time, we'll call Miss Utility BEFORE we dig/  Right Troy?  (Tee Hee)

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