Sunday, February 23, 2014

From Front to Back

Well our original plans to redo the front porch and sidewalk are now on hold.  We discovered that we needed a permit to do the work.  It appears that if you do any sidewalk work you need a permit by ordinance.  And to get a permit, you need a survey and Troy doesn't have a survey so now we are going to get a survey.  Something he wanted anyway but it changes our plans.

We did find out that we can build a 200 square foot shed AND put it on a cement pad without a permit.  Now the logic might escape you that we couldn't do 100 feet of sidewalk without a permit but we can do 200 feet of shed slab without a permit.  It escapes me too.  The only thing I can say is this is the government speaking.

So on Valentine's weekend, we began shed construction 2014.  Now you know there is no way Troy is going to buy a prefab shed so we will be building this one ourselves.  But first it needs a location

That is a big shed which means it might be a shed/workshop if I play my cards right!

Working outside  this year means the house stays cleaner but working outside this year also means working in these conditions - at least it was sunny.

So day one is footings.  As you can see the post whole digger was abandoned right quick in favor of an auger rented from Home Depot (of course)

We dug wholes and slid construction tubing in the holes - about 18 inches deep these ended up being - all four corners and one in the middle.

After leveling them all, we mixed up some concrete in the wheelbarrow and shoveled it into the forms.  We added a bent rebar so that the slab and the footings would be tied together.

Day one comes to a close - only a couple hours worth of work really.

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